COVID-19 Update – Nearly 50% of COVID-19 Hospitalized Patients Require ICU Beds

More people are requiring a higher level of care for COVID-19 as the most recent wave of the pandemic hits our area.

As of the morning of October 13, Aspirus had 91 patients hospitalized for COVID-19. 43 of them were in an intensive care unit (ICU) bed.

“The ICU is essentially one of the areas in our hospitals that take care of the sickest of the sick,” said Aspirus System Senior System Physician Executive of Primary Care Dr. Susan Schneider. “We’re seeing with this most recent surge with the Delta Variant that patients are somewhat younger than they have been in the past and needing a much higher level of care.”

This problem is affecting health care systems across the country. More ICU patients requires more staff and resources. That can cause non-emergent procedures to be delayed.

People in the community can help with this problem. And it’s not breaking news.

“Over 80% of our patients right now that are admitted with COVID-infections are unvaccinated,” says Dr. Schneider. “We know masking decreases transmission rates. So, for people who can’t get vaccinated or can’t socially distance, it’s still important to wear a mask.”

Aspirus has more information on COVID-19 vaccinations, booster shots and scheduling information at

Full Dr. Schneider Interview: PTRqsBeWDe5pJPzBB76ygG Audio Only: L6THrMSEjbtJdl7nfvFnud

ICU Broll: watch/4rYkrvKG9e7PpfJG7gbyLX

October 20, 2021