Land Transfers


The following property transfers were recorded by the Pierce County Register of Deeds Nov. 29 through Dec. 3.

Nov. 29 Fieldstone Family

Homes Inc. to Jessica M. & Nicholas Foreman, Lot 17, The Palmetto, City of


Arline M. & Scott R. Taylor to Paul Bjerke, Lot 2, Block 2, Wm H. Winchester’s First Addition, City of River Falls.

Benjamin Smirnow to Ashley Wolff, Pt. NE-NW, Sec. 8, Town of Hartland.

Cory L. & Gena L. Huppert to Nana K. Zimmer, Lot 28, Hidden Hills of the Kinni Phase 2, Town of Clifton.

Kevin C. & Marie S. Hoff to Chad M. & Nicole R. Schommer, Pt. SW-SW, Sec. 12, Town of Oak Grove.

Howard D. & Ruth Wailor to Sheri Gibson and Benjamin & Beverly Gibson, Lot 2, Rolling Hills, City of River Falls.

James O. & Judith C. Tostrud Trust to Joe & Amy Block, SW ¼ Sec. 7, Town of River Falls.

Nov. 30 Ryan L. & Amber R. Skirvin to Michael Mayer, Lot 41, River Ridge #2, Town of Trenton.

Samuel M. Mahaffey to Seth H. Mahaffey, Pt. NENW, Sec. 14, Town of Hartland.

Sarah E. Orman & Steven D. Ellis to Nicholas & Abby Crumb, Pt. NWNW, Sec. 3, Town of Ellsworth.

Tracy C. Thornton to Tracy C. Thornton & Nathaniel M. Nelson, Pt. NW-NW, Sec. 15, Town of Trenton.

Alphabet Properties LLC to James P. & Phyllis M. Meath, Unit 112, Block 1, Great River Road Flex Space Condo, City of Prescott.

David C. & Kris L. Swanson to Jeffrey D. & Lori A. Stockwell, Pt. SWNE, Sec. 18, Town of Trimbelle.

Cory L. & Gena L. Huppert to Michael & Rachel Dillon, Lot 32, Hidden Hills of the Kinni Phase #2, Town of Clifton.

Brian J. & Kimberly M. Webster to Mitchell J. Webster, NW-SE & E ½-SW, Sec. 14, Town of Hartland.

Dec. 1 Oevering Homes LLC to Georgina M. & David A. McDonald, Lot 78, The Highlands First Addition, Village of Ellsworth.

Cory L. & Gena L. Huppert to Joseph G. & Amy L. Cernohous, Lot 18, Hidden Hills of the Kinni Phase 2, Town of Clifton.

Carol M. & Wallace R. Franta to Steven A. Brand, NW, Sec. 3, Town of Gilman.

Dec. 2 Albert L. Rebischke to Mark W. Ellestad, Pt. Lot 13, Lot 14, N ½ Lot 15, Block 20, Original Plat, Village of Spring Valley.

Rande A. Blanchard & Steven S. Beatty to Dawn M. Mozes, Pt. Lot 1, Block 2, Moser’s Addition, Village of Plum City.

Thomas M. & Sharon Jetto Anger to Cooper Anthony Stevens, N ½ Lot 17 & Lot 18, Block 1, Eagle Spring Park Addition, Village of Spring Valley.

Paul E. & Karen M. Brostrom Trust to Robert J. & Ashley M. Pritchard II,

Pt. SW-NE, Sec. 27, Town of Hartland.

David A. Byers to Benjamin Richard & Megan Lee Hines, Pt. NE-SW, Sec. 19, Town of Trimbelle.

Dec. 3 Alphabet Properties LLC to Seasonal Investments LLC, Unit 105, Block 1, Great River Road Flex Space Condo, City of Prescott.

Susan M. Martin to Shane & Shelby Webber,

Pt. SE-SW, SW-SW, Sec. 9, Town of Martell.

Phillip & Cynthia Symes

to Nicholas A. Ludwig & Cassandra J. Ludwig, Pt. SE-SE, Sec. 24, Town of Oak Grove.

December 7, 2021