Tattersall's unique hydroponic farms are located onsite and produce fresh ingredients used in dishes served in the dining room.
Long-awaited destination distillery is open

RIVER FALLS – Tattersall Distilling, located at the former Shopko building at 1777 Paulson Road in River Falls has officially opened its doors to the public. Celebrating its grand opening on Dec. 1, the distillery showcased its tasting room, self-guided tours and new restaurant for the first time.

The 75,000-square-foot building features many entertainment options for visitors. The self-guided tour allows visitors to see a little more into the process behind what they do each day. The tour has information available about how long it takes to create the products, where they source their ingredients and products from and the equipment they use to create their many flavors and types of liquor.

The dining room can hold up to 150 guests and the menu features unique recipes that include ingredients that are grown within the facility. One of their core values is sustainability, visible in the hydroponic farms where they grow their own greens that are incorporated into their dishes.

“We have already installed and will continue to install hydroponic farms inside the facility that will be able to


Photo courtesy of Tattersall Distilling


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grow all of our greens for our salads and cocktails and so there will be about 30 to 40 hydroponic farms,” said founder and Chief Officer Jon Kreidler.

The menu includes items such as brick oven pizzas with homemade sauces, a variety of unique appetizers like Truffle Fries and Trout Dip and delicious entrees including a Diablo Shrimp pasta and a Cajun Spiced Salmon.

The dining room also serves drinks that feature each of Tattersall’s 30 all-natural spirits and liqueurs. These can also be sampled in their tasting room, located onsite.

Aside from home grown ingredients, the facility also features a solar panel on the roof that produces a yearly average of 477,900 kWh of electricity. The founders also hope to integrate composting into the facility’s every day processes.

“We already have some framework in place for a composting system that we will be launching as well with Waste Management, and surprisingly, that one was a little tricky, but we have found that there is a demand for it here and we want to get our system going in the next few months and hopefully some of the businesses in the area will create systems as well and get that going in River Falls,” said Kreidler.

The company was founded by two childhood friends, Kreidler and Chief Operator Dan Oskey, who has extensive experience with bartending, bar managing and entrepreneurial backgrounds. Oskey enjoys finding new flavors and experimenting with new concepts for their unique spirits.

After growing at a very quick pace for the past six years, Tattersall continues to move forward and expand its offerings. Their Minneapolis space has gone through three to four expansions since they first opened.

“We opened to the public in July of 2015 and over the course of the next five years, we expanded three or four times and as our brand kept growing and getting bigger, we kept running into issues with Minnesota laws restricting the size and speed of our growth,” Kreidler said.

The business decided to move all production to River Falls after laws in Minnesota prohibited them from expanding more than they already have. The founders lobbied against these restrictive laws for years before deciding to move the production out-of-state.

“We have been lobbying to get the laws changed for about five years and we decided to really kick it into gear and decided to move our production out-of-state, and we started looking predominantly in Wisconsin, but we looked all over the Midwest,” said Kreidler.

River Falls happened to land in their laps at the perfect time. “River Falls presented a great opportunity with the land and the city being very aligned with sustainability and renewability, and having great outdoor amenities here and it just was a pretty fantastic fit,” Kreidler said. “Everyone has been so welcoming and excited for us and we hope to become a really central place for this community to bring everyone together.”

The business is excited to be a part of the River Falls community and they hope to help make River Falls a destination for visitors and travelers for years to come.

The public can check out Tattersall and enjoy two days of holiday shopping with local artisans, makers, crafters, branders and more at the destination distillery’s Winter Market, set for 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 11 and Sunday, Dec. 12.

To keep up with the new facility and upcoming events and to learn more about their products, visit Tattersall's website at tattersalldistilling.com or follow them on social media @tattersalldistilling.

Tattersall's new tasting room, where any of their spirits and liqueurs can be sampled, also includes a retail space where spirits can be purchased, along with Tattersall merchandise. Photo by Melissa Thorud

Tattersall Distilling values sustainability, as evidenced by the hydroponic farms scattered throughout its new River Falls facility. Photo by Melissa Thorud

Founders Jon Kreidler and Dan Oskey outside the new Tattersall Distilling facility in River Falls, located at 1777 Paulson Road. Photo courtesy of Tattersa ll Distilling

Founders Jon Kreidler and Dan Oskey in front of some of the spirits that are produced at the new River Falls facility. Photo courtesy of Tattersall Dist

December 7, 2021