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The deer hunting season continues in the form of muzzleloader and late archery seasons as well as a doe hunt. Because the pace feels slower than the traditional nine-day deer gun season I am going to take a hunting break. If you follow the Facebook version of Outdoor Tales and Trails you know that we’re big on “shout outs.” Here are a couple that deserve some “air time” here.

During crunch time, all an archery hunter wants is for the cosmic tumblers of the bow hunting universe to align. As we approached the white-tailed rut, which of course is crunch time to a bow hunter, I had two untimely and unfortunate things happen. Anything that disrupts and interferes with the buck quest is certainly unwanted.

The first thing that knocked me off stride was that my Tactacam Cellular Trail Camera conked out on me. Cellular trail cameras have been the biggest and most impactful thing to happen in our sport this century and I found myself without mine. Knowledge is king and not knowing what is roaming around in the woods and when it is roaming around in the woods made it feel like I was blindfolded.

I reached out to Tactacam support and long story short, I ended up talking to a young man by the name of Dustin Doornink. In a real crazy turn of events, I found out that Dustin bow hunts only a couple of miles from me. After a series of short text conversations, we met in the middle and next thing you know, he downloaded the upgrade to my first-generation camera and I was back in business. It was so crazy how it all worked out. A huge shout out goes to Tactacam and especially to Dustin Doornink.

Thanks Dustin from Tactacam! On a Saturday during the rut, I did the unthinkable. I dropped my bow about 15 feet from my tree stand. I didn’t break anything but the fall knocked my bow string and cables off the wheel cams. Since I don’t have a bow press or the technical knowledge to realign everything I was in panic mode. That’s when I reached out to Scott Brunner of Valley Archery in Exile, Wis.

“Bring it down this afternoon,” replied Scott when I told him what I had done. I loaded my bow and headed out. If I were to subtract the time we spent swapping hunting stories, it took him about ten minutes to re-string my bow and align everything so perfectly that it was shooting good as new after the first practice shot. I wish I could tell you that I went on to shoot a monster that night, but I didn’t. Scott Brunner at Valley Archery does get a monster shout out for getting me back in the woods. Thanks Scott!

Both Dustin and Scott can be found on Facebook. Scott is at Valley Archery and Dustin is at Tactacam support. Tell them that Dave sent you.

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December 7, 2021