Driver arrested after foot chase, vehicle search


The driver of a vehicle involved in a traffic stop Friday November 26 that netted marijuana and multiple firearms, is facing charges in Washington County after an unsuccessful flight on foot that briefly resulted in a helicopter search of the area around Highway 61 and 80th Street.

Taijuan Kenti Darrough, age 25 and without a listed address, was taken into custody by Cottage Grove Police at 7280 East Point Douglas Road at 9 p.m., two and a half hours after the initial traffic stop began.

The Friday night traffic stop that turned into a chase with a state patrol helicopter, began after a Cottage Grove officer had their attention drawn to a vehicle with an equipment violation. Then pulling the vehicle over, the officer found it to have three occupants, none of whom were residents of Washington County. The driver of the vehicle then fled on foot across Highway 61 and was later taken into custody Following arrest, Darrough was booked in the Washington County Jail at 1:09 a.m. on Saturday November 27, being charged according to the booking form with four offenses under state statutes.

The first charge, listed as 152.027.3 Drugs – Possess over 1.4 grams Marijuana in Vehicle, a misdemeanor.

The second charge is listed as 171.24.2 Traffic – Drivers License – Driving After Revocation.

The third listed charge, 609.487.6, Fleeing a Peace Officer By Means Other Than a Motor Vehicle, is a misdemeanor.

The fourth and final charge, 609.50.1 (2), Obstructing Legal Process – Interfere with Peace Officer, defined at the Office of the Revisor of Statutes as applying to someone who intentionally “obstructs, resists, or interferes with a peace officer while the officer is engaged in the performance of official duties.”

The jail booking form did not contain space for the listing of more than four charges.

December 8, 2021