Greg Misfeldt tries for the basket Friday from half court.
Halftime court shot missed, Stanley-Boyd nets money

Greg Misfeldt didn't make the half court shot, but Stan – ley-Boyd still got cash. With 959014 the winning ticket number so far as eligibility to make the shot went, Misfeldt was given two tries, being un – successful both times.

Key to the try was that no part of Misfeldt's body could be over the line when the ball left his hands, making things somewhat interesting. But even though the half court money shot was missed, Stanley-Boyd still got money for its athletic program.

Forward Bank represen – tative Andrea Hazard spoke during halftime saying the bank liked giving away money, and as such had held a "random drawing," with a check for $2,500 going to Stanley-Boyd. Now that's something to cheer about.

December 8, 2021