4-H News

The Busy Fingers 4-H club meeting was held on Nov. 14, 2021 at 6 p.m. at the Bay City Legion. The meeting started with a recreation report of writing down a unique fact about yourself and people had to guess who it was. Flags were held by Maryanne Petersen (American) and Holt Jacobson (4-H). Roll call was taken and the response was what you dressed up as for Halloween. The Secretary's Report was given and approved. The Treasurer's Report was given and approved.

Joy, Sam, and Holt reported about decorating East End. A report about pumpkin carving was made by Joy, Grace, Ben, and Joey. Joey made the last report about pumpkin delivery. Bill and Quinn Emery received 4-H awards. Hope, Joy, and Jocelyn received 4-H leadership awards. Our upcoming 4-H Ambassadors were Joy for last year and Jocelyn for this year. Our expected Christmas Party will have a gift exchange, sledding, caroling, and crafts.

Submitted by Reporter Miles Petersen

December 21, 2021