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Tales and Trails a ton of bulls. For one reason or another we weren’t able to seal the deal but we sure had a lot of fun. As far as the number of elk we saw, it was the best trip ever. The consolation prize was when I harvested a cow elk during the last few minutes of the last hunt of the trip. After my shot, the sun went down and the trip was over. Even though I wasn’t bringing home horns, I was pleased to put elk meat in the freezer.

Once back in Wisconsin it was time to focus on white-tailed deer. The early archery season was filled with small bucks and only far off distance sightings of shooter bucks. It was a little frustrating but sitting out in the woods wasn’t a bad place to be. The gun season was a blast, figuratively, not literally. I saw 25 antlerless deer and not a single buck. I never fired a shot, but again, I’m happy as long as I’m seeing some deer.

That brings us up-to-date. Last week I told you about the buck that I bagged during the late bow season. Even though it was kind


of cold, it was still better than tagging a buck on the first day of the season.

Those are the “cliff notes” of our time together during 2021. If you enjoyed reading the stories even half as much as I enjoyed doing them, I will consider what we shared together a success. Here is a stone cold, lead pipe, lock prediction: 2022 will be twice as great. I can say that because this time around we will share the entire year together.

Here’s to a great new year!!

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January 4, 2022