January is the time of the year in which our schools transition into the second half of the school year. It is a great time to recognize the tremendous efforts of our staff this year. As we all know, schools and most businesses are facing unique challenges brought on by COVID and general labor shortages across the country.

Our local school operations have not been immune to shortages in staff on many days. Due to this, our staff members have had to demonstrate great flexibility as we simply operate without staff in a number of areas. A day does not go by in which we don’t see staff members covering for each other and adjusting schedules to provide students the services they need. This is true for all areas of our staff. Teachers taking their prep times to cover for other staff, teacher assistants covering the duties of others, food service workers preparing meals shorthanded, custodians taking on more areas to clean or working overtime, bus and van drivers adjusting routes, secretaries fielding phone calls and helping students while short staffed, and directors and principals covering for staff are all happening daily.

As we move ahead into the second half of the year, please keep our staff in mind and be thankful for the work they do. Our staff go above and beyond every day, no matter the situation, to make the experiences great for our students. It is truly amazing to see the work they are doing.

Thank you to all of our staff!


January 11, 2022