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LETTER to the Editor

Give and Take a little here

Since my father and my wife’s cousin recently passed away from COVID, I agree with Terry and Margaret Flowers that we need to do something about this lethal virus (“We’re going to have to give and take here,” January 6, 2022). However, according to Reuters, solicitor generals from two Republican- controlled states (Louisiana and Ohio) are currently arguing before the Supreme Court that vaccine mandates are unconstitutional. (Ironically, both of them have COVID and cannot appear in person.) Republican Governor Ron De-Santis banned vaccine passports from being used in Florida. Our former president gets booed when he says people should get vaccinated. Some of my relatives and friends say mask mandates limit their personal freedom. (A few of my good buddy’s new in-laws wouldn’t attend his wedding because his bride and he required masks.) Heck, we can’t even get the multi-million dollar quarterback of our lousy football team to get vaccinated. (I could go on and on.) So exactly how would Terry and Margaret go about convincing those in their party to do something about COVID? Or were they just stating a fact when they said COVID is out of control and have no intention of dealing with it in any realistic way? (And, sorry, I don’t have any trans children to out by people who oppose mask mandates in Hastings schools.)

Dave Page, 12291 131st St. Circle S., Hastings, MN 55033

January 11, 2022