The speed sign on County Road 46 near Pine St. has helped educate drivers on the speed changes and brings attention to the driver's speed as they enter the 35 mph zone. Unfortunately, many drivers still ignore the speed limit too far past the change. Twelve additional signs similar to this have been approved for purchase and installation around other key areas of Hastings.
Slow down! Hastings police taking measures to beef up speed enforcement, education of drivers

By Bruce Karnick

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When the first COVID shutdown hit, essential workers were still driving to and from work but dealing with much less traffic. The twoyears- plus of fewer cars on the road gave a lot of drivers bad habits. With gas prices continuing to increase and enough people still working from home, those bad habits are continuing and, in some ways, becoming more prevalent. Speeding is the worst of the bad habits, especially in residential areas. A 30-mile trip at 60 mph is, easy math, 30 minutes. But

Photo by Bruce Karnick

April 20, 2022