New reps needed in Washington

LETTERS to the Editor

To the editor,

It’s time to support a new generation of representatives in Washington DC. Rebecca Cooke is running for Congress. I’m impressed with her background, enthusiasm, experience and commitment to serving western Wisconsin in Washington D.C.

Rebecca grew up on a dairy farm near Eau Claire. She worked her way through college. She started a small business. She comes from a union family of fire fighters and teachers. Her background and experience made her aware of the need to level the playing field for family farmers, small business and workers. Gov. Evers appointed Rebecca to the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation. She founded the Red Letter Grant program that provided funding for women business owners in ten counties across the state.

We need to expand health care and ensure that all of Western Wisconsin has broadband. Rebecca sees those two areas as priorities.

I urge you to vote for Rebecca on Aug. 9. ( Linda Bjorklund Prescott

August 2, 2022