turnout in school board ….

turnout in school board elections, and promote career technical education)

• Back the Blue (prevent defunding the police and prosecute riot organizers). A Hartland resident, Michels asks for your vote on Aug. 9.

Lieutenant Governor

For those looking to choose from among the Democratic party slate for lieutenant governor, these are the names and basic information of officially registered candidates.

Lieutenant Governor Peng Her (Democratic)

Peng Her (Democratic)

Declaring himself “the strongest candidate to help re-elect Gov. Evers,” Mr. Her professes belief in reproductive rights, working to end gun violence, protecting voting rights, increasing access to health care, and support for Wisconsin’s agricultural economy.

Lieutenant Governor Sara Rodriguez (Democratic)

Sara Rodriguez (Democratic)

Declaring herself the only pro-choice woman running for lieutenant governor, Rodriguez currently serves as an Assembly representative and was raised in what she calls “a union values family.” A public health nurse in addition to being an Assembly representative, Rodriguez says she doesn’t believe anyone should have to go into debt to receive the medical care they need, pledging to improve public health as Lieutenant Governor.

For those seeking a candidate for Lieutenant Governor and voting on the Republican side of the ballot, these are the candidates, each with a brief bio and endorsements.

Lieutenant Governor Patrick Testin (Republican)

Patrick Testin (Republican)

Growing up in a middle- class family in small town Wisconsin, Testin learned early on the value of hard work, honesty, and compassion. Currently the Senator for the 24th Senate District of Wisconsin, Testin has the following endorsements in his primary bid for Lieutenant Governor: Wisconsin Right to Life, Milwaukee Police Association, and the Wisconsin Fraternal Order of Police.

Lieutenant Governor Will Martin (Republican)

Will Martin (Republican)

A small business owner for over 20 years, Will Martin says he has the experience in Wisconsin’s Executive Branch to hit the ground running on day one, having previously helped lead reforms under Governors Thompson and Walker “in multiple state agencies.” Calling himself “an experienced leader working for you,” Martin lists liberty, election integrity, fighting identity politics and inflation along with bridging the workforce gap as among his priorities.

Lieutenant Governor Kyle Yudes (Republican)

Kyle Yudes (Republican)

Taking as his campaign slogan the words “principle over politics,” Kyle Yudes lists freedom and restoring liberty as well as the Constitution, education, accountability, election integrity, and fighting judicial activism among the priorities he would have as lieutenant governor. He was born in Green Bay and has lived in Eau Claire for 22 years, with a 25-year career as an entertainer and promoter. He and his wife have five boys.

Lieutenant Governor Roger Roth (Republican)

Roger Roth (Republican)

Born and raised in the Fox Valley, Roger Roth is a graduate of UW-Oshkosh and served multiple deployments with the Wisconsin National Guard in support of Operation Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan) and Operation Iraqi Freedom. Currently a state senator, he continues to serve with the Wisconsin Air National Guard, holding the rank of captain. Lieutenant Governor David C. Varnam (Republican)

David Varnam (Republican)

The Mayor of Lancaster, Wis., David C. Varnam was elected to the mayorship in 2016 after almost three years on the city council. Serving as well on the Grant County Economic Development Corporation and a U.S. Congressional aide, Varnam has also represented the global Christian ministry Focus on the Family.

Lieutenant Governor Cindy Werner (Republican)

Cindy Werner (Republican)

Serving in the U.S. Armed Forces and as a leader in outreach for minority engagement for conservative values, Werner believes in being an election integrity advocate and is a party to the lawsuit against five Wisconsin cities “that took Zuckerberg money.” The mother of seven grew up in the projects and is State Ambassador of the Frederick Douglas Foundation – WI.

Lieutenant Governor David D. King (Republican) Running for office because he believes it time “for Wisconsin to have leaders who put the people first,” Dr. David King is touted by Reid A. Pezewski, chairman of College

David King (Republican)

Republicans at UW-Milwaukee, as being as a proven leader in business, member of the clergy, and community advocate.

Lieutenant Governor Jonathan Wichmann (Republican)

Jonathan Wichmann (Republican)

With a formal postsecondary education from Ottawa University, protecting freedom and fighting for prosperity are among the priorities of primary candidate Jonathan Wichmann. Believing that vaccines should be left to personal choice after a reported vaccine injury at age 5, Wichmann touts belief in pro-life principles and constitutional carry aligned to the Second Amendment.

Secretary of State Neil Harmon – (Libertarian)

Neil Harmon

A native of southeast Wisconsin per an interview on the YouTube channel “The Lunatic Libertarian,” Harmon says that he started as a Democrat before switching to the Republicans in 2010, then left the party in 2016 after becoming disillusioned with both parties. Now as vice chair of the Libertarian party, Harmon is looking to get the message out to those he thinks misunderstand the Libertarian movement. “We’re about liberty,” he says. “That’s the most important thing.”

Secretary of State Amy Lynn Loudenbeck (Republican)

Amy Loudenbeck (Republican)

Introducing herself at, Amy Loudenbeck is running to be Secretary of State. Saying that the office “has fallen into disrepair and disfavor due to neglect by Democrat Doug LaFollette, she believes the Wisconsin Elections Commission should be abolished and replaced with a new model. She and her husband live on a rural farmette in Rock County.

Secretary of State Jay Schroeder (Republican)

Jay Schroeder (Republican)

Endorsed by the Pro-Life WI Victory Fund PAC, Schroeder touts himself as a proven candidate. In favor of abolishing the Wisconsin Elections Commission, he won 71 percent of the GOP primary votes in a previous 2018 run, totaling 1.2 million. He hosts a website at schroederforsecretaryofstate. com.

Secretary of State Justin D. Schmidtka (Republican)

Justin Schmidtka (Republican)

Holding court at justinforwi. com, Justin Schmidtka is a candidate who believes in preserving the republic. A former Marine who enlisted after 9/11, Schroeder has also served as an on-call fire fighter for the Village of Howard. Holding the right to vote as “the most sacred power of the people,” he would abolish the Wisconsin Elections Commission and return power to the Secretary of State in this regard.

Secretary of State Doug LaFollette (Democratic)

Doug LaFollette (Democratic)

“Why vote for Doug?” La Follette asks at douglafollette. com. Currently the incumbent officeholder, Lafollette answers with several reasons. Among them is that the Secretary of State office is coming into focus as a battleground to save American democracy. He firmly believes that having a partisan position like the Secretary of State running elections is a blatant conflict of interest. He would fight for strong funding of public education including the state’s valuable technical college and university system and he believes in “saying no to big money.” La Follette pledges to listen to all people.

Secretary of State Alexia Sabor (Democratic)

Alexia Sabor (Democratic)

Closing out the candidates for Secretary of State is Alexia Sabor, running in the Democratic primary against incumbent Doug La Follette. Herself the chair of the Democratic Party of Dane County, Sabor says in part that “we can’t let our democracy be undermined.” More is available at

Shifting from Secretary of State candidates to State Treasurer, here are some brief summaries of who’s on the Aug. 9 primary ballot.

State Treasurer Andrew Zuelke – (Constitution)

Andrew Zuelke

Running for office with the Constitution Party, Andrew Zuelke seeks to make the office “a fiscal watchdog” after the defeat of a referendum which he says would have dispersed the office throughout the state bureaucracy. More on Zuelke is available at www. constitutionpartyofwisconsin. com.

State Treasurer Aaron Richardson (Democratic)

Aaron Richardson (Democratic)

Hosting a website at aaronforwi. com, Aaron Richardson is running on the Democratic ticket for state treasurer, with two party opponents. Issues important to the Mayor of Fitchburg are promoting homeownership, supporting diversity and inclusion, promoting the Unclaimed Property Program, and ensuring state investments are made safely with intelligence.

State Treasurer Angelito Tenorio (Democratic)

Angelito Tenorio (Democratic)

Coming in with a website at, Angelito Tenorio is facing Aaron Richardson and Gillian M. Battino in the Aug. 9 primary. The veteran, political and environmental finance expert and progressive champion believes in helping working and middle class families to get ahead.

State Treasurer Gillian M. Battino (Democratic)

Gillian Battino (Democratic)

Hosting a website at www., Battino says action is needed at the state and federal level to fix problems real people have. “That’s why I’m running for treasurer,” she says. Among her priorities are facing the retirement crisis, addressing student loan debt, investing in schools with grants and loans, and providing economic security for disabled veterans and people.

State Treasurer John S. Leiber (Republican)

John Leiber (Republican)

Standing for smaller government and calling himself a true fiscal conservative, Leiber keeps a web presence at www. The Racine native believes Wisconsin needs a conservative administration in all five executive offices. He promises not to use the office as a stepping stone to another office if elected.

State Treasurer Orlando Owens (Republican) Saying that he’s watched Wisconsin fall behind for too long, Owens is running to make a difference, protect small businesses and empower the workforce, as well as back law enforcement. He lists his

Orlando Owens

loves as God, family, his country and his guns. Learn more at

Attorney General

For those planning to vote Republican in the Aug. 9 partisan primary, there are three candidates, as follows: Eric Toney (Republican)

Eric Toney (Republican)

Keeping a web presence at with endorsements by Wisconsin Right to Life and the Milwaukee Police Association among others, Toney is running to restore the Department of Justice’s mission to fight crime, support law enforcement, protect families and enforce the rule of law. He has served as Fond du Lac district attorney since 2013.

Karen Mueller (Republican)

Karen Mueller (Republican)

Introducing herself as a “Christian, constitutional and conservative attorney” with campaign website address at, Mueller is a civil rights attorney from Chippewa Falls. According to her website, she has fought to maintain election integrity, hold healthcare systems accountable for COVID deaths, and eliminate mask mandates in schools.

Adam Jarchow (Republican)

Adam Jarchow (Republican)

With a web presence at, Republican primary candidate Adam Jarchow was elected to the Wisconsin State Assembly in the 2010s, passing several pro-police bills. Jarchow has practiced law for some 20 years as an attorney. Jarchow vows to restore election integrity, to back the badge, to stand with parents, to stop Madison bureaucrats and fight Biden’s lawlessness.

Josh Kaul (Democratic)

Josh Kaul (Democratic)

As to the State Attorney General race on the Democratic side, it’s Josh Kaul, also the incumbent. Taking office in 2019, Kaul boasts of fighting crime, protecting the state’s natural resources, and defending rights. With public safety

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August 2, 2022