U.S. House District 3 ….

U.S. House District 3

Derrick Van Orden (Republican) Coming in for candidacy in District 3 as a Republican is Derrick Van Orden, formerly of Hager City and now of Prairie du Chien. He previously challenged Ron Kind in 2020, a seat that Kind won but is not seeking reelection to.

A former U.S. Navy Seal, Van Orden has been outspoken about what he feels is Washington D. C.’s disconnect with the average man. Van Orden was in Washington, D.C. on Jan. 6, 2021, attending the Stop the Steal Rally at the White House in early morning.

As to the issues, Van Orden stands for what he calls “common sense policies” to ensure the nation’s prosperity and security, as well as representing America’s foundational values and giving Wisconsinites “a reason to once again be proud of their leaders.”

With this in mind and more at www.vanordenforcongress. com, he asks your vote Aug. 9.

As to those looking for the Democratic party nomination for District 3 to face ou with Van Orden in November, there are four ballot candidates, with incumbent Ron Kind not seeking reelection, as stated before. These are the four candidates.

Derrick Van Orden (Republican)

August 2, 2022