U.S. House District 3 Brad ….

U.S. House District 3

Brad Pfau (Democratic)

Finally for the list of candidates in District 3, Brad Pfau learned at a young age that tough challenges require pulling together to get things done. A farm kid from the La Crosse area, Pfau thinks that “too many people in Washington have forgotten that getting things done for us is their job.”

Regarding priorities if elected, Pfau lists broadband along side things like healthcare and a strong economy. “Slow or non-existent internet has be come a fact of life for too many rural residents," Pfau says. "It needs to become a thing of the past.” Using his passion and knowledge on the issue of broadband to bring reliable internet to the area should he make it to Washington, Pfau asks your vote Aug. 9.

Shifting from District 3 to District 7, which includes St.

Croix County, here are the names on the ballot.

Brad Pfaff (Democratic)

August 2, 2022