U. S. Senator Peter ….

U. S. Senator Peter Peckarsky (Demo cratic)

Appearing at the Democratic State Convention last month, Peter Pecharsky declared that he believed in the autonomy of women and girls, was “outraged” at the illegalities that would deny them of the protections of the U.S.

Constitution, stating in turn that he would vote to codify Roe v. Wade if elected. Peckarsky lists his priorities as universal healthcare, universal broadband, reproductive rights, protecting democracy, supporting workers and union jobs, sustainable agri- culture and farms, auordable education, ending systemic racism, legalizing marijuana, protecting the environment, stopping economic inequality, LGBTQ+ rights, justice for veterans and stopping forev- er wars. More information is available at pecharskyforwisconsin. com.

Peter Peckarsky (Democratic)

August 2, 2022