PIERCE COUNTY Land Transfers

The following property transfers were recorded by the Pierce County Register of Deeds Sept. 12-16.

Monday, Sept. 12 Alphabet Properties LLC to Sherri & Jon D. Faiad,

Unit 208, Building 2, Great River Road Flex Space Condo, City of Prescott.

Joseph P. & Darcy J. Kohlman to Gary N. Bechel,

Pt. SW-SW, Sec. 22, Town of Rock Elm.

University Falls LLC to Lake George Lofts LLC, Pt. Lots 4-6, Block 1, OS Powell’s Addition, City of River Falls.

Tuesday, Sept. 13 Anthony S. Kovach to McKenzie Conrad Family Trust, Pt. Govt. Lot 1, Sec. 2, Town of Clifton.

Wednesday, Sept. 14 Connie M. Anderson to Aimee Lynn & Anthony Justice, Pt. NE-NW, Sec. 16, Town of Gilman.

David M. & Angela Martinson to Brian E. Alcorn,

Lot 13, El-Dor-Wood Heights Addition, Town of Trenton.

Alexander M. & Bailey G. Schmidt to Kyle Swanson & Valerie Wilson, Lot 41, Magee & Hiniker’s Second Addition, City of Prescott.

Thursday, Sept. 15 Robert M. Sebion to Cody J. & Christa J. Sebion,

Pt. NW-NE & NE-NE, Sec. 20, Town of Gilman.

Douglas A. & Shannine Borth to David & Julie Zink, Pt. Outlot 205, Assessor’s Plat, Village of Ellsworth.

Russell G. & Linda L. Grimm to State Storage Shafer LLC, Pt. SW-NE, Sec. 17, Village of Ellsworth.

Friday, Sept. 16 Clarence J. & Judith A.

Harmon Trust to Dawn M. Toth, Lots 13-14, Block 17, Original Plat, Village of Elmwood.

Lisa M. Bengtson to Bahareh Hassanpour Guilvalee & Seyed Fardad Riazi, Lot 77, Falcon Heights Third Addition, City of River Falls.

Heather A. Knegendorf & Evan A. Richey to Donald Larry Lieffring, Pt. Lot 8-14, Block 4, Campbell’s Addition, Village of Ellsworth.

Samantha L. & Jason R. Wiebold to Angela & Kevin Fesenmaier, Pt. NE-NE, Sec. 1, Twon of Gilman.

Alphabet Properties LLC

to Tyler Tronnes, Unit 205, Building 2, Great River Road Flex Space Condo, City of Prescott.

Michelle Frevert to James S. & Lori B. Boles,

SE-SW, Sec. 25, Town of River Falls.

September 20, 2022