10 years ago THE PRESCOTT JOURNAL Nov. 15, 2012
A Look Back

10 years ago THE PRESCOTT JOURNAL Nov. 15, 2012
Looking to change the way it dealt with those who abused drug and alcohol 10 years ago, Pierce County was starting a new idea.
Termed the Pierce County Criminal Jus-tice Coordination Council, or CJCC, the new idea with project coordinator Linda Flanders was meant to interconnect the different parts and agencies involved with treating such issues. “So often we’re just a bunch of disconnected parts,” Flanders told reporter Louis Garcia. With Pierce County judge Joe Boles receiving grant money to start CJCC in 2011, the aim of the 16-mem-ber program was to turn things around. “It’s trying to create, or transform the criminal justice from being a kind of one-way street,” coordinator Flanders told Garcia. Goals of the new council included help with communication, as well as addressing core issues behind drug and alcohol issues, using what worked to solve them. “Whatever is out there has been based on years of research,” Flanders said. “They have been shown to give superior results.” In the race to turn things around, time was also important. “A kindergarten teacher is going to see some of the behaviors that prove dangerous in an adult,” she said. “The importance is how far back was it recognized because that’s where we have an opportunity to have done something about it.”

40 years ago PIERCE COUNTY HERALD Nov. 11, 1982

Becoming the seventh traffic fatality in Pierce County, a 67-year-old Elmwood man died when his Ford Pinto left County Road T in Spring Lake township and hit a power pole.
A 15-year-old boy was fighting leukemia at St. Mary’s in Rochester, the Herald reported, while Ellsworth Record publisher John Halls was hospitalized in Ward B at Veteran’s Hospital in St. Paul after a tumor had been discovered in his lung. Halls had joined his father at the paper after coming out of the service in 1945.

55 years ago RIVER FALLS JOURNAL Nov. 9, 1967

Refusing to accept law books ordered by Judge Lawrence Gherty, the finance commit-tee based its objections on the charge that the books’ cost exceeded the statutory maximum allowed for such purchases and also dealt with federal law, whereas one committee member felt the county could get better use from books dealing with state law.
As to River Falls proper, city attorney Les Gaylord had just sought dismissal of a law-suit by one couple who wanted the city to buy their land near the Lamplight for a proposed airport, with said purchase of 56 acres set at a price of $44,000. One reason for the dismiss-al was that the city comptroller had reportedly not signed a commitment with the couple regarding purchase, whereas the couple said they did have such a commitment from the city. Judge Gherty was said to have the case under advisement, and would hand down a ruling soon.

70 years ago PRESCOTT JOURNAL Nov. 13, 1952

Helping John Heckel of Clifton when he was put out of work with a strained back, some 13 neighbors had picked 40 acres of corn for the Heckel family to get the harvest in.
Wounded in Korea some Nov. 2 some 70 years ago was Sergeant David Leseman, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Leseman of Prescott. David sent word that he was in Tokyo and getting along fine, while he had not known formerly if he would be sent back home or returned to Korea.
Marking their 66th anniversary mean-while, were Mr. and Mrs. Louis Heinz, married Nov. 18, 1886 and farming for some time before moving into Prescott several decades prior.


85 years ago THE ELLSWORTH RECORD Nov. 11, 1937

Turning its thoughts to public education some 85 years ago, the Record of Nov. 11, 1937 poses a question: Why go to school?
Asked by most everyone who has ever attended such a facility, the Record has the following: “We go to school not to accumulate a mass of facts and statistics but to develop our minds and prepare ourselves to deal with our fellowmen,” it says, pointing out that education   will also be of value in helping graduates compete in the modern world.
Coming in for obituaries meanwhile is Mrs. Charles Halverson, born Isabelle Ha-gen in Gulbrandsdalen, Norway on May, 20, 1863, leaving a family at Maiden Rock to mourn her passing. Find A Grave Memorial ID 98759313.

100 years ago THE RIVER FALLS JOURNAL. Nov. 9, 1922

Some social clubs and items The Bridge club met at 1 p.m. Nov. 8. A regular meeting of the W. R. C. was to take place Nov. 11.
The Trinity Guild with Mrs. L. Spalding was to meet Nov. 16.
A surprise party was given Tuesday after-noon for Mrs. Frank Woodburn in celebration of her birthday.

130 years ago THE WEEKLY PRESS Published at Maiden Rock Nov. 5, 1892
J. H. Brasington, Dealer in real estate. Buys and sells lands. Pays Taxes for Non-Residents.  Brasington, Wis.
A machine has been invented which, with two persons to run it, will wash 1,000 dishes an hour. It is called a dishwasher (dish-washer).

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