Hastings artist Sandy Sanders painted a mermaid mural on the Port of Prescott hotel in downtown Prescott. Local children were invited to participate by adding glass mosaic pieces. Photo by Riley Dorau
The story behind Prescott’s mermaid

PRESCOTT – You may have noticed the addition of a mermaid mural to downtown Prescott’s landscape.

The original idea of having something other than “the big blue wall” on Port of Prescott’s Orange Street side was owner Megan Langer’s. However, Sandy Sanders, a neighboring artist out of Hastings, Minn., is deserving of all the creativity behind the ethereal mermaid. Langer said that Sanders is someone she has worked with “for years.”

The mermaid artwork started in late summer and went into early Fall 2022. Langer said the thought process of the mermaid was to, “highlight local artists.” In addition, Langer explained the vision she has for downtown Prescott.

“Prescott can be this absolutely beautiful, rural Wisconsin town that is more of a tourist-type town. And honestly, it just brings beautiful artwork to the space and downtown,” she said. “We have all been to different towns where there’s murals.”

She believes the mermaid “adds a little something special; a pop of color.” The mermaid is completed and signed by Sanders. Langer said that she has a lot of future artwork ideas, “in the pipeline.” But, she adds, “it is just a matter of finding an artist that can see the vision.”

January 17, 2023