Local news made us aware of this issue

To the editor,

Big thanks to Sarah Nigbor for her detailed reporting of the July 20 meeting at the River Falls Unitarian Universalist Society to hear the developers’ plans for a “country club road course” east of River Falls.

Every resident of River Falls and the surrounding area needs to be aware of this misconceived plan to turn the land between Highways 29 and 65 into an exclusive hang-out for the rich. I'm sure the Kinnick Development Group can find another playground for their “very, very expensive toys,” in the words of

developer Neal Krzyzaniak, less destructive to the peace and natural beauty of our Kinnick innic River watershed.

The Journal’s coverage of this issue is invaluable and essential, bringing us informa- tion we wouldn't easily find elsewhere. The Pierce County Journal is amply earning its claim to being a newspaper for River Falls.

Keep up the good work!

Thomas R. Smith River Falls

August 2, 2022