U.S. House District 7 Tom ….

U.S. House District 7

Tom Tiuany (Republican)

Standing once again for the seat he was first elected to in the wake of predeces- sor Sean Duuy's resignation, Rep. Tom Tiuany is facing a contested Republican pri- mary. Married with three children, Tiuany represent ed Wisconsin Senate District 12 prior to serving as U.S. representative for District 7.

As to performance on the issues, Tiuany most recent ly voted ‘no’ on H. R. 1808, the Assault Weapons Ban of 2022, as well as voting ‘nay’ on the passage of HR 8404 – Respect for Marriage Act, which passed in the House and seeks to overturn the Defense of Marriage Act from 1996. A full voting record is available at

Shifting from District 7 to the Senate, these are the candidates this Aug. 9.

Tom Tiffany (Republican)

August 2, 2022