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U. S. Senator

Ron Johnson (Republican) Running for a third term in the U.S. Senate, incum- bent Ron Johnson was first elected in 2010. Professing himself 100 percent commit- ted to fighting for conserva tive values, Johnson grew up on a farm, with this factoring into his hard work ethic.

Obtaining early admittance to the University of Minne sota, Johnson skipped his senior year of high school and graduated with a BSB – Accounting degree in 1977.

As to the issues, Johnson has faced controversy and questions from the media regarding Jan. 6, 2021 and his statements in relation to it.

As to other matters, Johnson recently signed on to a joint letter sent to Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen along with three others, blaming the cur- rent inflation on a COVID spending bill last year and stating that “we have repeatedly warned of the inflation crisis caused by exorbitant govern ment spending and urged the Biden administration to act.”

Ron Johnson (Republican)

August 2, 2022