We live in such a generous community! These members of the DECA (Distributive Education Club of America) group brought us beautiful items for Thanksgiving centerpieces! We are thankful for these awesome kids from the Plum City High School: (from left) Trichelle Smaller, Mckenzie Bauer, Kampbell Almsted, Katelyn Roen. Photo courtesy of Laura Kadlec
Plum City Care Center Chatter

By Laura Kadlec Activities director & music therapist

Our chilly folks warmed up by singing all their favorite old-time songs. We never tire of the same ones and soon Christmas carols will fill the halls. Lunch led into mail delivery and soon popcorn invited everyone to the dining room. We enjoyed snacking and chatting until later afternoon. Tic-tac-toss was set up and our throwers warmed up their arms for the competition. Top tossers this week after five rounds were: fourth place, Beryl Anderson, Milda Bautch; third place, Dorothy Pfaffe; second place, Frances White; and first place champs Nancy Bishop and Shirley Klinski. A quick supper and we set up for bingo. We appreciated having Kathy Luebker and Teresa Fedie here to help with set-up, clean up and candy delivery!

Father Jojo and Terry Pelzel were right on time for Mass and communion on Tuesday morning along with a few of our community folks. It is so nice to see people from town and we love to have them join us for this special time leading up to the celebration of the birth of Christ. “Name That Tune” followed with our top guessers still earning placement in the ongoing contest. This week’s places: fifth, Shirley Klinski; fourth, Barb Grewe; third, Mary Ellen Coulson; second, Carol Bauer; first, Penny Stafford. Crafters gathered in the dining room for the afternoon to begin work on reindeer ornaments from puzzle pieces. Brown paint was EVERYWHERE! Fortunately, we donned gloves before starting. After clean-up, we joined Pastor Darren from Lund Covenant Church for our weekly worship service. Our evening concluded with Hallmark movies! The Christmas movies have begun and we are wallowing in them!

Bowlers began our Wednesday with the help from our students from the Ave Maria Academy. Bristal Books and Mary Peterson kept score and did a wonderful job of setting pins, too! Our top bowlers this week: Fourth, Ivan Mason, Milda Bautch; third, Frances White; second, Dorothy Pfaffe; first place, Alice Brantner. Fruit bingo was on the agenda for the afternoon. Wanda Ebensperger and Linda Delong were our volunteers helping to set up cards and chips and delivering candy. Our black out winner was Frances White. The mid-week social was next with a special treat: Eclaires Especially for you! Treats abounded and all enjoyed.

Bubbly Marlene Zimmer arrived Thursday morning for our “Local News and Coffee Social.” She’s always full of smiles under that mask, but we know it’s there as she shares the news and stories besides. We share a few of our own and all too soon our time is done. Manicures were offered in the afternoon for those ladies not napping. We painted nails in the dining room with Brad’s puppies congregating and playing at our feet. A few shoe laces got chewed on but nothing serious. It is just as gratifying to watch them play as it is to hold them. Supper soon arrived and a few folks stayed up to play Pokeno. This week’s big winner was Nancy Bishop.

The drummers converged on the dining room and began their “call and response” with Shirley Klinski as the instigator. She would beat a pattern and someone would answer the same rhythm. It was all in fun and soon the music began with plenty of energy. Lunch arrived and while folks napped afterwards, or read their mail, some of our ladies helped Stacey in preparing Harvest Hash, a snack mix with candy corn, Chex cereal, and some peanut butter candies. All yummy. Rudy Rudesill joined us for happy hour and our snack mix was served with everyone’s favorite beverages. The evening festivities carried on with the Friday night movie, “Turkey Hollow.” An adventure comedy with a few muppets. Or, as Henry would say, “Well, that was different!” The cold is likely here to stay, but so is our offer for hot chocolate or a steamy cup of coffee. Stop in and get yours today! We’ll be here!

The DECA group also brought a couple bags of birdseed for our feeders! We love watching the birds outside. Photo courtesy of Laura Kadlec

November 22, 2022