25 years ago PRESCOTT ….

Posted 6/21/22

25 years ago PRESCOTT JOURNAL June 5, 1997 Following report that a candidate for city administrator had failed to inform the Council of accepting another job and a city council member’s email to …

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25 years ago PRESCOTT ….


25 years ago

PRESCOTT JOURNAL June 5, 1997 Following report that a candidate for city administrator had failed to inform the Council of accepting another job and a city council member’s email to him, the Council is split on issuing an apology to the candidate. “I won’t vote for this resolution unless there’s an apology in it,” said one council member. Others felt the actions of said member (Paul M.) reflected more on him than the city or council as a whole, with the council member (Diane House) seeking apology to the candidate disagreeing. The matter of whether to apologize or not was ultimately tabled until the June 9 Council meeting.

In happier news from 1997, the Cardinals had won against Durand and advanced to state, the article by Ruffy Maiola showing the team roster in the 11 _ 0 victory to include Jeff Bock, Tom Budworth, Brandon Conard, Kevin Eicher, Josh Fleming, Nate Gerke, Jared Hamann, Ryan Huppert, Nick Johnson, Jon Larson, Eric Meier, Jon Pechacek, Jon Schmidt, and Nick Thoen. Tom Budworth was the pitcher for the Cardinals in the victory advancing Prescott to state.

In the meantime, a man named Nick Irons was planning to swim the length of the Mississippi for M. S., having swam for Boston College four years and looking to raise $5 million for the Nancy Davis Foundation. Readers looking to keep up on Irons’ progress were directed to a toll free 888 number and a website, www.ms4ms.com, the web address currently for sale as of 2022 per hugedomains.com.

40 years ago PRESCOTT JOURNAL June 3, 1982 Taking place 40 years ago, a Friday morning fire at Dairy Queen gutted the inside, with coowner Ron Mercer saying they hoped to be back soon.

“I hope to rebuild and be back in business by the Fourth of July,” he said as a front page picture showed smoke coming out the windows. No one was in the building at the time of the fire, reported at 9:30 a.m. The building was insured, with no fire cause listed at press time.

Also coming in for news 40 years ago, was a report by one Red Wing, Minn. resident of the theft of a jacket reportedly valued at $360 while she had been at a bar in Pierce County.

Said jacket, which would be valued at $1,090.43 today (except in case of an extra 0, then divided by ten) was stolen at 1:30 a.m. on May 27.

On the same day meanwhile, it was shared that 25 to 30 trees had been taken from the farm of Wally Mehlberg. The trees in question were three – foot high Norwegian Pines.

Finally in county news, it was reported that three people had been issued citations for stealing a county road sign in the vicinity of Highway 29 and QQ. That theft took place two minutes from midnight on May 27.

Thankfully, no accidents were reported over Memorial Day weekend, while two had happened the week before elsewhere in the county.

55 years ago PRESCOTT JOURNAL June 1, 1967 130 confirmed at St. Francis Church Class of 115 children and 15 adults confirmed by Most Reverend F. W. Freking, bishop of La Crosse and assisted by Father Geo. Hardy of Clayfield, Father Leonard Steiber of Plum City, Father Jacob Burggraf of Big River, and Farther Mason of La Crosse, the bishop’s attendant.

Three Army Lieutenants commissioned from the Ellsworth Army Reserve, 652nd Engineer Company (Float Bridge). They are Second Lieutenant William H. Thom, Second Lieutenant Larry D. Bauer, and Second Lieutenant Alan L. Beeler.

Sherman Ehman in Vietnam with Infantry Army Specialist Sherman P. Ehman, 21, son of Mrs. Vina Ehman of Ellsworth, reported as participating in Operation Francis Marion “conducting search and destroy operations in the VietCong infested Central Highlands.”

70 years ago RIVER FALLS JOURNAL June 5, 1952 Births of note Daughters born to Mr. and Mrs. Robert Carisch, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Peskar, Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Zastrow, and Mr. and Mrs. Duane Jackman.

Sons born to Mr. and Mrs. Nels Anderson and Mr. and Mrs. Richard Johnson.

River Falls residents William O’Brien, Nancy Murphy, and Terry McCollow to graduate from Mar _ quette University. Commencement address to be given by Very Reverend Edward J. O’Donnell, S.J. and Marquette president.

140 years ago PIERCE COUNTY PLAINDEALER June 9, 1882 BricaBrac. Edited by the pupils of the Prescott graded school.

Scarlet fever still holds a few in town.

Several visits at school this week. All the pupils look forward with bright anticipation for the vacation.

Allie Mero, of the high school, teaches in the Lower Lost Creek district, El Paso.

School will open again in September 1882. Time will be settled at the school meeting.

June 2, 1882 Wisconsin news: A celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of the battle of Pecatonica, which occurred at Wiota, Wisconsin, is to be held on the battleground June 16 (this refers to an engagement of the Black Hawk War, and the battlefield is now a park).