26 years ago PRESCOTT ….

Posted 3/15/22

26 years ago PRESCOTT JOURNAL Feb. 8, 1996 Quote of the week: “The days of the small, regional seed companies are over.” —Jerry Caulder, CEO of Mycogen Plant Sciences Mycogen CEO Caulder …

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26 years ago PRESCOTT ….



Feb. 8, 1996 Quote of the week: “The days of the small, regional seed companies are over.” —Jerry Caulder, CEO of Mycogen Plant Sciences Mycogen CEO Caulder confirms move By R. E. Herman “You owe it to your employees to look them in the eyes and let them know what’s going on,” said Mycogen Plant Sciences CEO Jerry Caulder last week.

What he told them was going on was that the company would be constructing a new corporate office facility near the Twin Cities and closing the marketing and general offices here in Prescott, but any current Prescott employee who wanted to make the commute would continue to have a job. “All they have to do is show up,” said Caulder.

Caulder was in town last Wednesday to speak with local Mycogen employees about corporate plans, the pending move and how the employees will be affected by it.

Following an early morning meeting with the employees, Caulder and corporate communications director Mike Sund met with Prescott mayor Jim Richman and myself to answer questions and tell a little about the corporation’s plans and desires.

Caulder explained that the demands on agricultural production are growing almost geometrically, while the public awareness of the importance of agriculture in America continues to diminish.

“The only success story we have in our trade deficit is agriculture,” said Caulder, himself born and raised on a farm.

“Agriculture represents over 20 percent of our gross domestic product,” explained Caulder. “Once you get out of the rural areas, people have no appreciation of that fact.

“We’ll have to produce more food calories in the next forty years than we have in the next 10,000 years,” Caulder said.

(Plants were to be bioengineered with natural pesticides, nothing the city did could change the company’s decision to relocate) While Caulder was generous in his praise of Prescott as a residential community, he repeatedly referred to the needs of a high growth company and how those needs could not be met in a city located as is



Feb. 11, 1982 New Boardwalk shop to open Thursday BJs, a floral shop in the Boardwalk on Prescott’s main street, will open for business this Thursday, Feb. 11. The shop is located on the ground floor of the building, opposite Split Wood.

55 years ago PIERCE COUNTY JOURNAL Feb. 9, 1967 Some headlines: Pierce County Board votes to establish “a tourist trailer park” on the Ellsworth fairgrounds, as the first step “toward establishing an outdoor recreation plan in the county.”

Noted Educator and Ellsworth High graduate Evelyn L. Abbey dies at Beverly Hills, after teaching at Stanley, River Falls, Red Wing, and Minneapolis, before becoming an education supervisor at Casper, Wyoming. She then went to Beverly Hills, California where she spent three years with the Janes Private School before being supervisor of education at Beverly Hills, before returning to and retiring at Ellsworth, being a resident of Ellsworth Manor.

70 years ago THE RIVER FALLS JOURNAL Feb. 7, 1952 Government Allocates Steel for New Library Steel is now available for the construction of the new library at River Falls. Dr. E. H. Kleinpell made the announcement last week and commented, “Construction might begin by the first of July.”

Elsewhere: England’s King George Passes Away in Sleep at age 56. Daughter Princess Elizabeth becomes heir to throne with husband Phillip. Although King George was in ill health, “no concern was felt for the King’s health when he retired Tuesday evening.”

85 years ago ELLSWORTH RECORD Feb. 18, 1937 Obituary: Mrs. Victor Westerberg, maiden name Mathilda Josephine Stoneholm, born March 24, 1881, in the town of Maiden Rock, Pierce County. Baptized at five days old, confirmed June 30, 1895, and united in marriage to Victor Westerberg on June 4, 1901. Four children born, Mrs. Earl Bergman of Pepin, and Russell, Cecil, and Milton at home. Funeral services at Sabylund Lutheran Church with burial in the old Sabylund cemetery.

Some headlines and their sub-headlines: County Officers are Sworn In Inauguration of County Officers at Courthouse Monday was a Simple Affair—Only One Change in Official Family (Martin Kjelstad succeeds his wife as sheriff).

Magee Again Heads Bank Annual Meeting of Bank of Ellsworth Held Here Tuesday Evening—Same Officers and Directors Re-elected to Serve During Coming Year.

Seek to Oust Co. Home Supt Recently Elected Poor Commissioners Demand Resignation of L. B. Peterson, County Home Head—Ole Florness Slated for Job Short summary: L. O. Moon Now Lions Club President L. O. Moon takes office as president of the Ellsworth Lions, in the presence of fourteen members at the Hotel Lane. Other presidents of the then less than two-decade old global organizations had been W. J. Buckner, William M. Moran, Ed Hove, Wilfred Corman, and F. J. Cope.

Lion Frank Johnson, meanwhile, offered the old Rounce foundry property at the foot of Main Street to the village as a skating rink, while club members “showed interest in securing a visit from St. Paul outdoor ski lovers who are taking advantage of the Omaha’s “ski trains,” run on Sundays to what were deemed “outlying points.” The new Lions Club president brought up the prospect of night baseball, as several communities “are making night baseball a paying proposition.” An oyster supper was planned at the Hotel Lane Monday night.

Village Board Holds First 1937 Meeting All members of the village board were present at the first meeting of the new year Monday night…At the request of the Lions Club, the village will cooperate in any way possible to build an ice rink on the Frank Johnson property at the old foundry site. 100 years ago PRESCOTT TRIBUNE Feb. 2, 1922 Prescott Bridge. Bids for the construction of the new bridge across the St. Croix at this place will be opened in St. Paul today, and, if in the estimation of the board prices for the complete structure are right, it is expected the contract will be let.

Officers of the Wisconsin Bridge & Iron Co. of Milwaukee, Worden Allen Co. of Milwaukee and the Minneapolis Steel & Machinery Co. of Minneapolis have been here the past week inspecting the gravel to be had here and other conditions preparatory to placing their bids. In case the contract is let at this time we understand the successful bidder will commence work as soon as conditions will permit.

115 years ago RIVER FALLS JOURNAL Jan. 31, 1907 KINNICKINNIC Ethel Elliott is recovering from an attack of tonsilitis.

Many in this vicinity are suffering from various kinds of colds.

OLIVET The farmers are hauling logs to town where Churchill and Hamilton will put up a mill.

140 years ago PIERCE COUNTY PLAINDEALER Prescott, Wisconsin Feb. 10, 1882 Bric-A-Brac 250 pupils in the school Eight weeks to spring vacation.

Order is heaven’s first law. (Pope).

The January thaw comes in February.

A pugilistic performance of a very low order occurred last week between two boys.

160 years ago THE PRESCOTT JOURNAL Feb. 5, 1862 War News: The Norfolk Day Book calls upon ladies to contribute their red woolen skirts and dresses to the Government, the price of flannel used for ammunition being so high as to subject the Government to serious tax.

Madison Correspondence. Editors Journal. The Legislature is plodding along, nothing of particular interest having transpired within the past week, except the passage in the Assembly, almost unanimously, of Mr. Pope’s resolutions expunging the state’s rights resolutions of 1859. They will pass the Senate by a large vote, and then it can be truly said that we have one more loyal State in the Union.