A Look Back

Posted 11/10/21

Compiled by Joseph Back 40 years ago THE PRESCOTT JOURNAL Oct. 22, 1981 To Observe 55 Years Together Joe and Adeline Buss, 371 Elm St., Prescott, quietly observed their 55th wedding anniversary on …

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A Look Back


Compiled by Joseph Back

40 years ago THE PRESCOTT JOURNAL Oct. 22, 1981

To Observe 55 Years Together Joe and Adeline Buss, 371 Elm St., Prescott, quietly observed their 55th wedding anniversary on Monday, Sept. 28 with a special Mass at St. Joseph’s Church and a family gathering.

It was 55 years ago when Joe Buss and Adeline Johnson stood together in St. Mary’s Church, Big River, to repeat wedding vows. It was the same church in which they were both baptized and confirmed.

Mrs. Buss lived just a short distance north of the church, and Mr. Buss lived about six miles south and east of the church. Although they attended different schools—Mrs. Buss the parish school at Big River, and Mr. Buss St. Joseph’s School in Trimbelle at the “Huppert Settlement,” they “just always knew each other,” (and ended up married).

“In those days we did everything ourselves. I spent days before the wedding baking for the reception which my folks had at the house. And on the morning of the wedding I was up at 4 a.m. making pies, helping out because my mother was taken sick,” Mrs. Buss said.

“Someone had to go into River Falls early in the morning to get the flowers. There wasn’t any delivery from the florist then,” she added.

Mrs. Buss recalled that her dress was decorated with rows of beading down the dress.

Bridal parties 55 years ago usually consisted of a best man and bridesmaid, with no other (gap here).

The dress was one she bought on a shopping trip to St. Paul, driving in to the Cities from their home in Big River, an all-day trip … Friends and neighbors held a shower for the new bride, but the gifts weren’t fancy. Mrs. Buss still has several of the gifts she received, including a lovely little dish given by her friend Blanche Thom, now Mrs. Leonard Gade.

The young couple farmed on the Madsen place (now the Ted Place home on CTH OO in Trimbelle), “the farm just before going down Church Hill,” Mrs. Buss said. (The couple had four daughters and farmed until 1971 when they moved to Prescott) 55 years for Mr. and Mrs. Merta Vince Merta and Edith Firner were married Saturday Also included in the anniversaries were Vince Merta and Edith Firner, married Saturday, Oct. 26, 1926, in Holy Name Catholic Church, Sheboygan, Wis., at 6 a.m.

You read that right, six in the morning.

(The) Mertas explained the circumstance by saying it wasn’t too unusual for the time.

Vince had gone from this area to Sheboygan to work and his sweetheart came a few months later so they could be married. “We went to Father Orth to arrange for the wedding and he said if we wanted to be married that day, the only time he had open was 6 a.m. Mass. So we took that,” Mrs. Merta said.

55 years ago PIERCE COUNTY HERALD Oct. 13, 1966

Some headlines and outtakes: Bank of Ellsworth Open House Thursday, Friday, Saturday On hand for the first morning of operation are Mrs. Helen Magee, President, Exec. Vice Pres. Bob Magee, and Vice President Jim Hines. (Bank officer and dark interior photos).

Sandy Olson Homecoming Queen (court photo at UW— RF Archive and Research Center in microfilm) Ray Huppert Files to Operate Water Utility Dairy Recognition Dinner Program at Prescott Vern Linder and Ellsworth Creamery Win Butter Honors Ellsworth Cooperative Creamery and Vernon Linder are again a winner in the contest held by the Minnesota Creamery Operators and Managers Association for 1966. This year they placed first in the Spring contest with a score of 100%, second in the Minn. State Fair contest with a score of 99.83% and in the Fall Contest placing first being an outof- state winner with a score of 99.66%. Being out-of-state they are not eligible to win the convention contest which must be given to a Minn. But our local creamery, its producers and employees are certainly to be congratulated for this fine quality milk and making this championship butter and following the pattern of being among the winners as they have been for several years. We are certainly pleased that the Ellsworth Creamery and Vernon Linder have been able to continue to make this good showing for our local community.

Chamber Supper Meet Tonight at Most’s (Ellsworth Chamber) Gerald Capping Killed by Car on Main Street

70 years ago THE RIVER FALLS JOURNAL Nov. 1, 1951

Farmers Are Losing Cattle By Hunters Several farmers have complained that they have had valuable cattle killed by bullets from .22 rifles this fall. Inasmuch as the animals are hit in the vital parts, the shootings aren’t likely to be “accidents.” As a consequence of this slaughter of cattle, many farms will be posted against hunting, which is not good for the honest and sincere hunters. Perhaps this is something for the Rod & Gun Club to investigate and clear up. Farmers can’t be criticized for posting their land when irresponsible hunters shoot their cattle.

Oct. 25, 1951

“The Frogmen,” Gripping War Tale Here Sunday As its title implies, “The Frogmen,” is a strange and exciting film and will be shown here on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. Taking the little known story of the Underwater Demolition Teams of the Navy in World War II, Twentieth Century Fox has fashioned a gripping picturization of these intrepid “paddle foot commandos” which is action packed from start to finish. Richard Widmark has never been better than in his portrayal of the fearless commanding officer who personally leads his men on four suicide missions. Dana Andrews and Gary Merrill, who share starring honors with Widmark, are equally effective in their roles.

Falcons Squash Eau Claire 13-0 By Don Siebold (From the Student Voice) Clair Murphy got his Irish up and Jerry Route routed Eau Claire, Saturday, 13 to 0, sending the Falcons back in the winner’s ledger. The contest was staged in the Blue Gold’s sloppy swampland after a midafternoon downpour had turned the field into a pasty quagmire.

85 years ago ELLSWORTH RECORD Oct. 22, 1936

Two Held Here for Adultery Woman found in Local Tourist Cabin and Married Man Plead Not Guilty to Charge—Will Have Hearing Today Herb B., a married man whose home is at Spooner and who is employed at Prescott, and Miss Gladys H…, pleaded not guilty to a charge of adultery in Justice J. T. Beddall’s court here Tuesday afternoon.

The two rented one of the Silent Night tourist cabins in the Midway district. A disturbance in the cabin was heard by neighbors early in the evening (leading to discovery). Her companion … was traced through the license plates on his car and he was placed under arrest Tuesday afternoon. When the couple appeared before Justice Beddall Tuesday, the woman admitted she had taken a couple of drinks for a cold she was suffering and said she could not remember anything that had happened. Both are in the county jail, being unable to furnish bonds.

100 years ago THE PRESCOTT TRIBUNE Oct. 20. 1921

NOTES FROM OUR PUBLIC SCHOOL A Weekly Resume of Activities In the Various Departments.

Maude Priestly, Editor in Chief Esther Gage, Asst. Editor Margaret Donovan, Asst. Editor Grade Notes Pupils in room II are making bitter-sweet berry posters this week.

The pupils in the Third and Fourth grades are memorizing Hallowe’en poems this week.

Miss Johnson was home over Saturday and Sunday.