A Look Back

Posted 9/8/21

Compiled by Joseph Back 25 Years Ago PRESCOTT JOURNAL September 5, 1996 The game’s afoot Prescott! By R. E. Herman The 1996 Prescott Daze Medallion Hunt is now officially underway, challenging …

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A Look Back


Compiled by Joseph Back

25 Years Ago PRESCOTT JOURNAL September 5, 1996

The game’s afoot Prescott!

By R. E. Herman The 1996 Prescott Daze Medallion Hunt is now officially underway, challenging local sleuths of all ages.

If you think you are up to the challenge, then put on your best hiking shoes and pay careful attention to nuances in the clues.

The 24th Annual Prescott Daze Medallion hunt offers $100 U.S. Savings Bond to the lucky finder of the medallion, if they have a Prescott Daze Button.

If the finder does not have a button, they will receive a $50 Savings Bond.

The medallion finder bond is provided by M& I Community State Bank.

Medallion hunters must remember that the medallion is hidden on city property and will be in clear view of at least one approach.

1996 Prescott Daze Medallion Hunt Clue #1 The End of September bring the Daze of Prescott, A time to put aside our differences and celebrate the good luck we have to live in this town.

Refreshments, games, parades, and such are on cue, something for the interests of all.

And to be sure don’t leave out the Medallion Hunt.

Much smaller than a bread box, round, flat, the color of brass, It may be hidden high or low, but always on City Land.

From river level to the top of town and everything is fair in this game.

Thank goodness that Pigseye moved on or we could have been St. Paul.

Grab your kids and explore our town, tell them some tales of yesteryear.

If you have no tales to tell find someone to fill you in.

Sit a spell and take in how lucky we are to be able to call Prescott home.

40 Years Ago PRESCOTT JOURNAL September 3, 1981

Medallion hunt begins Clue No. 1 Prescott Daze is a time for fun – young and old and everyone.

Search up and down and in the parks. A prize you’ll find to warm your hearts.

Good luck—Good day. We hope to say, along with searching, take time to play.

Pierce Herald publishers injured in cycle crash Jay and Sandee Griggs, publisher of the Pierce County Herald, Ellsworth, were injured Saturday, August 29 in an accident near Mauston, Wisconsin. The couple were traveling on their motorcycle at road speed when a car pulled out from an intersection and hit the couple, who were thrown off the cycle and over the front of the car onto the road.

They were taken to Luther Hospital, LaCrosse. Jay was first listed in critical condition, but as of Monday morning had been taken off the critical list. He suffered multiple leg fractures, wrist injuries, extensive bruises and also from a loss of blood. He is expected to be in the hospital two months, much of the time in traction. Sandee suffered leg fractures and bruises and is expected to return home in about 10 days, although she will be in a cast for some time, according to Stan Doolittle, former Herald publisher, who is now helping out at the Herald office.

The accident happened shortly after noon. Griggs and friends, Pat and Barb McLaughlin, Ellsworth, were on the way to Wisconsin Dells. A motorist who stopped at an intersection saw McLaughlins go by, then evidently assuming no other traffic was coming, pulled into the road, right into Grigg’s line of travel.

“Fortunately, in the car behind Griggs there was a registered nurse, who stopped and applied tourniquets to stop the flow of blood,” Doolittle said. A deputy sheriff was in the same car and called for an ambulance over the police radio.

55 Years Ago PIERCE COUNTY HERALD September 2, 1965

Smack, Bang, Crash, Crash, Crash; All Weekend It was a bad weekend for the county traffic officers, doctors, and ambulance drivers in Pierce County, as cars crashed right and left; mostly with minor injuries to occupants, however, there were eleven different wrecks, as follows: Aug. 25, 11:20 a.m. at intersection of US 10 and Co. D, Charles Blodgett, 27, R. 3, Ellsworth, was going west on 10 and was struck by a pickup driven by Earl Delong, 64, of Elmwood. Delong was pulling away from a stop sign on D, crossed over 10 and struck the Blodgett car In which there were four passengers. No injuries, but extensive damage to the left side of Blodgett’s car.

Aug. 27, 10:20 a.m., 1 ½ miles south of River Falls on Highway 35, an Econoline panel driven by Harlan Black, 20, R. Falls, stopped in the lane of traffic to make a left turn onto a driveway. He was hit in the right rear side by a dump truck driven by Robert Safe, 21, Red Wing. Safe didn’t see the turn signals until late, and then pulled into the ditch on the right side, hitting the right side of the panel, with extensive damage to it but no injuries.

Local Lady back from Foreign Service in Iran (photo Bernadine Fasbender) Back from two years in Iran is Miss Bernadine M. Fasbender of Ellsworth, who arrived last week for a visit with her mother, Mrs. Elizabeth Fasbender.

Miss Fasbender was a personnel for International Development Mission in Tehran, Iran.

She has been with the foreign aid program since 1950 and also has served in Germany, Taiwan (Formosa) and Uruguay, South America.

The extent of her foreign service is unusual in that she has traveled extensively in Europe, South America, the Far East, and of course, the U.S.


August 30, 1951 McCarthy to Speak at Spring Valley at Labor Day Observance, 8 P.M.

Senator Joe McCarthy, Wisconsin’s much discussed and turbulent senator, will be the principal speaker at Spring Valley next Monday evening— Labor Day. McCarthy, much in demand as a public speaker, has been very much in the news the past year or so with charges of Communism in government ranks, especially the State Department.

McCarthy will speak in the Spring Valley Auditorium, and the committee reports there will be 3,000 seats available, at 50c general admission and 75c for reserved sections. Mc-Carthy will be guest at a luncheon preceding his appearance at the auditorium.

High School Will Open Tuesday of Next Week; Faculty Named School will begin Tuesday at 9:00 o ‘ clock and will let