Brady Murphy from Cernohous Chevrolet ….

Posted 11/3/21

Brady Murphy from Cernohous Chevrolet spoke again at this meeting about the change. “We are asking for support from the council now and in the future,” Murphy said. Each of the business owners …

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Brady Murphy from Cernohous Chevrolet ….


Brady Murphy from Cernohous Chevrolet spoke again at this meeting about the change.

“We are asking for support from the council now and in the future,” Murphy said.

Each of the business owners who spoke agreed their concerns were uniform, being that they did not want their businesses to endure any changes and challenges due to this zoning consideration now and in the future.

In an Oct. 21 memo, City Administrator Matt Wolf explained the city is considering removing warehousing and wholesaling as a permitted use from the district, and removing campgrounds as a special use.

“The change would also move manufactured and mobile home, vehicle and equipment sales and service establishments, and storage to a special use permit in the district,” Wolf wrote.

The changes would give the city better control of the development and attractiveness of the area.

A nonconforming use means a use of land, a dwelling, or a building that existed lawfully before the current zoning ordinance was enacted or amended, but that doesn’t conform with the use restrictions, or the development regulations, in the current ordinance. Businesses/addresses that would be considered “nonconforming uses” under the proposed ordinance include:

•1020 U.S. Highway 10 – high density residential/long-term stay unit (River Heights Motel)

•615 Orrin Road – duplex

•1140 Pearl St. – duplex

•619 Orrin Road – duplex

•1115 Orrin Road – duplex

•1048 Campbell St. – St. Paul’s Lutheran Church

•1028 Borner St. – high density residential unit

•1340 Henry St. – single family residential unit

•1325 Henry St. – single family residential unit

•1215 Henry St. – single family residential unit

•1225 Canton St. – dilapidated building

•1245 Canton St. – trucking company

•154 Wacota St. – welding and fabrication

•1107 and 1109 Jefferson St. – Public Works If the proposed C2 zoning changes are approved, the following properties would be added to the non-conforming list:

•1391 Canton St. – storage and warehousing

•1250 Pearl St. – storage and warehousing

•1377 Orrin Road – Cernohous vehicle sales

•945 Canton St. – used vehicle sales and repair

•1000 Canton St. – mobile home storage and accessory storage •To be addressed – Great Rivers Flex Storage Space Public and council comment was again allowed near the end of the meeting. Alderperson Dar Hintz brought new discussion relating to the C-2 zoning. She said, “I believe we still need to move forward with this, obviously this is a process…my decision is based on some of the verbiage and we just need to look at some revisions.”

Riverfront, Coulee River Trails

The council voted to award the Mississippi River Parkway $500 in assistance so it can continue to market and promote the Great River Road National Scenic Byway and Prescott as a hub and gateway.

Sherry Quamme, the Wisconsin Mississippi Parkway Commission chairperson, wrote a letter requesting the funding.

The money will go toward marketing and showcasing Pierce County and Prescott’s waterfront district improvements taking place.

Alderperson Bailey Ruona said, “They are going to be doing marketing for the Great River Road and Sherry said she would love to do a piece on our riverfront project as well.”

Quamme also provided Google analytics and data showing the increased number of unique visitors and engagement on The council approved allowing Cedar Corporation to proceed with design for Phase 1 of the Downtown Riverfront Project. The Department of Transportation awarded the city a $600,000 grant for the project. The project is expected to cost roughly $1,654,000 total, but this includes the cost of the courtesy dock that has been completed and paid for from TID #4 ($316,245).

Magee Park will undergo flagging of trails for the Coulee River Trails initiative, which has been in the works for the last several months. This will begin the marking of where future trails will be within the park. A Coulee River Trails workshop and discussion will be held Dec. 7 that will include all parties involved in the planning of the trails initiative and will work out next steps in the trail system.

Other business

•A health and safety update was also provided during the meeting in regard to incidents and arrests from the downtown bar scene in Prescott. There has continued to be minimal incidents. Mayor Dave Hovel said, “It looks like things are staying in control down there so that is good to hear.”

•Building Inspector Todd Dolan deemed the building that housed JDL Wood Specialists LLC at 1225 Canton St. to be “in a dangerous state due to a fire that occurred several months ago.” The building is unsanitary, unsafe and unfit for human occupancy or use in its current condition. Dolan also said no measures have been taken to bar the public from the premises. He ordered the building to be razed or repaired.

•The council considered a letter of intent from Select One Properties LLC, who wants to purchase 15 acres of city-owned land off 620th Avenue to build a sports complex. After discussion within the council, members did not decide to move on with any letter of intent or appraisals due to mixed feelings. This will be on the next city council agenda and will be further discussed.

Alderperson Thomas Oss was not in support of selling this land in parcels and was not in favor of building a sports complex at the proposed area.

“I don’t think it’s wise to parcel this out and I don’t think it is in the best interest as an investment for the people in the city of Prescott,” Oss said.