Guide to Pierce County board committees

Posted 4/19/22

The Pierce County Board will hold its annual organizational meeting at 9 a.m. Tuesday, April 19 (after The Journal’s press time), where county board supervisors find out their new committee …

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Guide to Pierce County board committees


The Pierce County Board will hold its annual organizational meeting at 9 a.m. Tuesday, April 19 (after The Journal’s press time), where county board supervisors find out their new committee assignments.

Here is a guide to the county board’s committees and how members are selected. An updated list of members will be published in next week’s edition.

Elected Committees

Per Pierce County code, all committee members are elected at the annual organizational meeting. All elections remain valid until successors are elected. Unless noted, all county board supervisors are elected to two-year term. Citizen members (CM) are elected for three-year terms.

Agriculture & Extension

Per state statute, this com- mittee consists of five board members, two of whom much be from unincorporated areas of the county.

Finance & Personnel

Per state statute, this committee is comprised of seven county board members. The county board chair and vicechair may also serve as chair and vice-chair of F& P.


Highway Committee con- sists of five county board members.

Human Services Board

Human Services has five county board members and three citizen members, per state statue. All members serve a three-year term.

Land Management

This board consists of three county board members and two citizen members, per state statute.

Law Enforcement

This committee is com- prised of five county board members, county code.

Appointed Committees

Ad Hoc Courthouse Security Workgroup Members are appointed by the administrative coordinator.

Jason Matthys – administrative coordinator Gary Brown – EM director Julie Brickner – Finance director Nancy Hove – sheriff Brad Lawrence – Corporation counsel Dan Reis – Building Committee chair Jerry Forss – Maintenance supervisor Ad Hoc Community Development Committee Members were appointed by the chair on Jan. 28, 2020; consists of current Revolving Loan Fund Committee members, plus three additional citizen members.

Scott Bjork – chair Will Schroeder – vicechair Mary Able Raynee Farrell Jerry Kosin Jens Loberg David Murphy ADRC Governing Board

Per Pierce County code, this board has two county board and seven citizen members.

Paula Lugar – chair, term expires April 19, 2022 Mary Foster – vice-chair (citizen, term expires April 19, 2022) Carrie Bechel (citizen) Nelson Brown (citizen) Vacant – term expires April 18, 2023 Vacant – term expires April 19, 2023 Kathleen McCardle (citizen, term expires April 19, 2022) Sharon Sinz (citizen, term expires April 18, 2023) Ruth Wood (term expires April 19, 2022) Board of Adjustments

Board of Adjustments consists of seven residents who reside in unincorporated areas; five regular members and two alternates. No two members can reside in the same town. Each term lasts three years; terms are staggered.

Lee Wright – Ellsworth township (chair, term expires June 30, 2022) Barry Barringer – Trenton township (term expires June 30, 2023) Ross Christopherson – Gilman township (vice-chair, term expires June 30, 2022) Kenneth Peterson – Trimbelle township (term expires June 30, 2022) Matthew Purfeerst – Diamond Bluff township (term expires June 30, 2024) Walter Betzel – Town of Oak Grove (first alternate, term expires June 30, 2024) Tim Wiff – Town of Martell (second alternative, term expires June 30, 2024) Board of Canvassers

County Clerk Jamie R. Feuerhelm – appointed by state statute Kenneth Peterson Carol Zalusky Board of Health

The Board of Health is made up of five county board and three citizen members. All citizen members are appointed to three-year terms.

Ruth Wood – chair (term expires April 19, 2022) Jon Aubart – vice-chair (term expires April 19, 2022) Peter Carr (citizen, term expires April 18, 2022) Rodney Gilles – term expires April 19, 2022 Neil Gulbranson – term expires April 19, 2022) Dr. Becky Kleager (citizen, term expires April 17, 2023) Bill Schroeder – term expires April 19, 2022 Sharon Schulze – term expires April 18, 2022 Building Committee

This committee is com- prised of five county board members. All terms expire April 19, 2022.

Emergency Medical Services Per county code, the committee must include one county board member, nine citizen members including a medical advisor; representatives from the sheriff’s department, public health and emergency government.

Tod Jorgenson – Spring Valley Ambulance (chair) Gary Brown – Emergency management Colin Gilles – Elmwood Ambulance Jeff Bjork – County Board Tim Hansen – Maiden Rock/Plum City/Stockholm Jeff Rixmann – River Falls Ambulance Ethics Board

State statute requires this board consist of five county resident members. No member can be an elected county official, county employee or can currently be serving on any county commission or board.

Jason Akey – term expires Aug. 31, 2023 Bruce Borgerding – term expires Aug. 31, 2024 Julie A. Hoffman – term expires Aug. 31, 2022 Heidi Lindquist – term expires Aug. 31, 2023 Richard O’Connell – term expires Aug. 31, 2022 Fair Committee

This committee includes five county board members and one citizen. All terms expires April 19, 2022, except for the citizen member.

Dean Bergseng – chair Kris Sampson – vice-chair Jim Ashbach Jerry Kosin Daniel Puhrmann Bob Traynor (citizen, term expires April 16, 2024) Highway (Traffic) Safety Commission

State law dictates who should serve on this committee.

Chad Johnson – Traffic Safety Coordinator/Highway Commissioner Pauline Kopp – Traffic Safety Secretary Rick Tumaniec – WisDOT traffic engineer – Northwest region Sgt. Jason Bakken – Wisconsin State Patrol Lt. Herman Krieg – Pierce County traffic law enforce ment Mark Stoesz – Education representative (Ellsworth High School principal) Christopher Tashjian – medical advisor Brad Lawrence – law representative Trace Frost – DOT representative Matt Kennett – Population Center representative Christine McPherson – Pierce County Emergency Management Bill Schroeder – Commercial representative Neil Gulbranson – County Board Housing

This committee has five members total (county board and citizen members).

Peggy Rother – chair (citizen) Paula Lugar – vice-chair (will change) Gale Gaard (citizen) Kathleen McCardle (citizen) Ruth Wood (will change Indianhead Federated

Library representatives Two members represent Pierce County on this regional board Industrial Development

This committee is comprised of three county board members.

Information Services

This committee consists of three county board and two citizen members. All terms expire April 19, 2022.

Mike Kahlow – chair Liz Gunderson – vicechair (citizen) Jon Aubart Jeff Bjork Torey Kauth (citizen) Land Conservation

Pierce County Code dictates that this committee have five Agriculture & Extension Committee members, plus another member appointed by the chair. All terms expire April 19, 2022, except Greg Andrews’, whose term expired in January 2019.

Jerry Kosin – chair Mel Pittman – vice-chair Greg Andrews – Farm Service Agency Dean Bergseng Daniel Puhrmann Kris Sampson Land Information Council Per state law, this committee must have at least eight members, including the Register of Deeds, county treasurer, real property lister or their designees and the following, appointed by county board: A county board member, a Land Information Of- fice representative, a realtor or member of the Realtors Association employed in the county, a public safety or communications representative employed in the county, the county surveyor or a professional land surveyor employed in the county, and any other designees made by the board.

Julie Hines – Register of Deeds Kathy Fuchs – County Treasurer Angela Hoven – Real Property Lister Jeff Holst – County Board Andy Pichotta – Land In- formation Office David Murphy – Realtors Association Steve Albarado – Public safety Louie Filkins – County Surveyor Local Emergency Planning Committee Per county code, this committee has members from five groups: State and local elected officials, EMS, fire and health, media, citizens’ groups, and owner/operator.

Jeff Rixmann – chair Rob Bowen – vice-chair Jon Aubart – County Board Vacant Neil Gulbranson – County Board Jenna Hayes Nancy Hove – Sheriff Eric Ladwig – Ellsworth police chief Dana Lansing Jack McLoone – Pierce County Journal Christine McPherson – Pierce County Emergency Management Bradley Peterson Deb Schwisow AZ Snyder – Public Health Officer

Loss Control

Neil Gulbranson – chair Christine McPherson AZ Snyder Jason Matthys Nancy Hove Chad Johnson Wanda Kinneman Brad Lawrence David Murphy – solid waste interim Scott Schoepp Jerry Forss Mississippi River Regional Planning Per county code, this board has three members. One is appointed by the Pierce County Board, one is appointed by the governor, and one by the county board and governor. The terms last six years.

Richard Purdy – appointed by governor Bill Schroeder – appointed by county board Greg Place – appointed by county board and governor Parks Committee

This committee consists of one citizen member and four county board members. The citizen term expires on April 18, 2023.

Scott Bjork – chair Rodney Gilles – vicechair Jim Ashbach Kevin Coulson (citizen) Mel Pittman Pierce County Economic Development Corporation One county board member is appointed to this committee, per PCEDC bylaws. Jeff Bjork has served in this role since Aug. 25, 2020.

Shooting Range Committee This committee has one citizen and four county board members appointed.

Scott Bjork Rodney Gilles Jim Ashbach Vacant (citizen) Mel Pittman Solid Waste Management Solid Waste consists of five county board and four citizen members.

Veterans Service Commission

This commission consists of at least three county residents, per state law, who are veterans appointed for staggered three-year terms by the county board chair.

Merlin Blaisdell Richard DeCosta James Ottman Veterans Service Committee This committee is made up of three county board members.