Plum City Care Center Chatter

Posted 12/28/21

By Laura Kadlec Activities Director & Music Therapist Our folks might be old, but they certainly haven’t lost their sense of humor. During our Monday morning sing-a-long, a couple residents …

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Plum City Care Center Chatter


By Laura Kadlec

Activities Director & Music Therapist

Our folks might be old, but they certainly haven’t lost their sense of humor. During our Monday morning sing-a-long, a couple residents were singing “Walking In My Winter Underwear!” Of course, the lyrics are winter wonderland. Oh, the giggles that those lyrics elicited! Our seniors do keep us laughing. After lunch, we had our mail delivery. It takes much time this Christmas season, but the delight on the faces of our folks receiving news from friends and family is simply priceless. Those who cannot read, are read to. It is a privilege to share in the memories and stories of our residents and their friends near and far during this time. Fresh popped corn encouraged folks out of their rooms mid-afternoon and soon bowling was underway. Winners this week were: Fourth place, Ivan Mason; third place, Sandy Messier; second place, Alvin Bergmark and Irene Converse; first place champs, Willy Lindstrom and Frances White. Supper arrived and our evening was filled with fruit and candy for Fruit Bingo. Thank you, Teresa Fedie for being available to assist!

Tuesday welcomed Father Jojo and Terry Pelzel to our home for mass and communion. It is wonderful to have them in our home each week. Christmas trivia filled in the morning before lunch. Some of our questions included “What do you get when you cross a snowman with a shark? Frostbite!” Our winners this week were: Fourth place, Barb Smith; third place, Aileen Wayne; second place, Shirley Klinski; and first place champ, Mary Ellen Coulson. The crafters spent the afternoon making evergreen wreaths. It was fun to choose from many red and green items, holly berries, ribbons, bells, and beautiful balls. Of course, there’s always the jokester who looks for the mistletoe! With wreaths completed and ready to hang on the doors, we settled down for our weekly worship service. Tom from Pepin Immanuel Lutheran was here to lead our service and provided good Christmas music for us to sing. Supper arrived and the evening included dice games. High roller was Shirley Klinski. Second place was earned by Penny Stafford and Frances White.

The Wednesday morning workout crew had Christmas tunes with which to wiggle and jiggle. We had even more fun with our bell bracelets on each ankle and wrist. Let’s just say, there was a lot of jingling going on! After lunch, Wanda Ebensperger and Kathy Shingledecker arrived to set up cards and chips for bingo. Black out winner this week was Frances White. We topped off the afternoon with holiday ice cream sundaes. Our ice cream was topped with peppermint crunches, mints, and a cherry on top! We decided we were plenty old enough to spoil our appetites if we wanted.

Thursday morning brought folks in to listen to the news from the Courier Wedge and the Pierce County Journal. We like to stay tuned in to all the happenings of our community. Harriet Rothe came to read, share stories, and tell a few jokes. After lunch, manicures were offered. Many of our ladies chose holiday colors and almost all added sparkles for a fun effect. The puppies arrived later in the afternoon. Every day they join us is almost like Christmas. It is so wonderful to hold and cuddle these precious pups. It’s good for them and very good for us.

The drummers drummed to “Little Drummer Boy” on Friday morning along with many other Christmas tunes. We are happily exhausted once done as we do put our all into it. It was Duane and Joann Earney who arrived for happy hour. We enjoyed delicious, hot maple syrup over vanilla ice cream while they sang. They sang many of our favorite holiday tunes and Joann is a pro on the saxophone. After a quick supper, the movie screen was set up and we settled in for this week’s holiday favorite, “The Family Man.”

We kept busy Saturday entertained by the neighbors plowing and shoveling. The afternoon offered bingo followed by bean bags. Top throwers this week were: Fourth place, Alvin Bergmark; third place, Irene Converse; second place, Sandy Messier; and first place champ, Shirley Klinski. A shout out to Sandy Lindstrom for keeping score for us!

We understand what a busy time of year this is. We wish all of you a very merry Christmas and abundant blessings for the new year. If you are unable to stop in this holiday season, please consider a visit later on. Winter is long and can often be lonely. A visit is great medicine. We’ll put the coffee pot on! See you soon.