Plum City Care Center: A busy week without snow!

By Noel Elsen
Posted 2/7/24

Another Monday morning came and with it, our Monday Movers seated exercise group! Residents assembled in the dining room and followed Stacey and Noel for 30 minutes of gentle stretching exercises to …

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Plum City Care Center: A busy week without snow!


Another Monday morning came and with it, our Monday Movers seated exercise group! Residents assembled in the dining room and followed Stacey and Noel for 30 minutes of gentle stretching exercises to get muscles warmed up after a relaxing weekend. Once everyone had a brief water break, Stacey tuned up the guitar and led an even bigger group of folks in a singalong and we spent the rest of morning singing our hearts out to our favorite tunes! Lunch was a welcome break from the busy morning, but we were just getting started: The afternoon saw Noel in the dining room with several residents helping make a peanut butter pie at our baking activity. Then it was on to a lively game of Tic Tac Toss, where we had a HUGE group gathered in a circle to play and try their hand at coming out on top! Jeff Halverson was fourth place, Herb Tschumperlin came in third and we had a three-way tie for second place: Kay George, Bill Joyner and Milda Bautch. Kevin Bauer was the big winner of first place this week! We capped off the day with supper and then Kathy Luebker and Teresa Fedie were here for Monday night Bingo; thanks ladies for all your wonderful help! 

Tuesday morning there was no Mass but Terry Pelzel was here in the morning for a Communion service for the residents. A quiet way to start the day, but we appreciate him stopping by and serving our community! After a bit of visiting, lunch was served and then Aaliyah was here for the most anticipated activity on Tuesday: Popcorn Social.  She had the popcorn machine going steady and served bag after bag of deliciously fresh popcorn to residents, who are always eager for the savory snack! A bit more visiting and conversation, then Pastor Palo from Arkansaw Methodist Church was here for afternoon church.  Supper was soon served, and then Aaliyah gathered everyone together for a Tuesday evening of fun games! 

Bowling ushers in each Wednesday morning and Plum City Elementary students, Lauren and Bella were here this week to help with pin-setting and score keeping! We had quite a crowd assembled to play and watch the game as Kevin Bauer and Alice Brantner tied for fourth place, Ivan Mason and Shirley Klinski tied for third place and Milda Bautch, Judy Thorn and Bill Joyner all won second place. Jeff Halverson was our first place bowling champion this week! A well-deserved lunch was served and then Fruit Bingo kicked off the afternoon. Harriet Rothe was here to help with calling numbers and clean up, while Irene Helmueller assisted with prize passing and clean up; thank you ladies! We had so much fun playing bingo and then we all cheered as Mary Matzek won the $1 prize this week at Blackout! After the cards and chips were cleaned up, Noel and Stacey served up slices of decadent peanut butter pie, complete with a drizzle of chocolate sauce. What a delicious way to end the day!

Lana Ingli was here Thursday morning to read us the newspapers at our Local News and Coffee hour.  She has such a wealth of information about the happenings in the community and she always engages each of the residents in lively conversation and laughter too! Once residents were caught up on the news, it was time to enjoy a midday meal and then Noel had the ladies lined up for manicures. It was a relaxing afternoon as the gals primped and were pampered, choosing pretty pinks and reds for their new nail polish. Valentine’s Day is coming up, so the colors they chose were definitely in keeping with the holiday around the corner.  Supper was up next, but unfortunately, there was no Pokeno Thursday evening.

Friday came quickly and the energy was high as Stacey and Noel gathered residents for a morning of exciting exercise for Fitness Friday! We had folks kicking around a hovering soccer “ball” and it was tons of fun watching everyone’s reflexes kick in (pun intended!) as the soccer ball headed their way. Activity staff kept that energy going as we transitioned quickly into a game of Shuffleboard and most folks stuck around to play and watch as Jeff Halverson and Judy Thorn tied for fourth place, Bill Joyner won third and Virginia Fritz came in second. Ivan Mason was the big winner and shuffled his way into first place this week! Lunch came and went and then it was on to Happy Hour with musical guests: The Earneys!  Noel popped oodles of popcorn to snack on as residents popped and bopped along to the music. Once Happy Hour concluded, supper was served and enjoyed, then it was time to turn the lights down and draw the shades for Movie Night! This week’s feature film was the Disney animated classic “Pinocchio.”           

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