Letter to the editor: They did it for us, let’s do it for them

Posted 3/27/24

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first name: Meghan

last name: Smith

address: 128 Monroe ST N

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Letter to the editor: They did it for us, let’s do it for them


To the editor,

You likely have heard that the Prescott community has an important referendum on April 2. I have a unique perspective as I grew up and currently live here, teach within the district and send my kids through the school district.

In each of these “areas” I have felt myself and my family to have been in very good hands. I see the evidence every day.

Simply put, Wisconsin’s funding formula for public schools is outdated and many Wisconsin schools are finding themselves in a similar boat. They are asking their community for support by voting YES on district referendums and Prescott is no different. Please consider a few things before you vote on April 2.

A community thrives when school systems are strong. We have strong arts, athletic and academic programs.

You’ve likely seen the ratings, scores and countless awards. It is obvious we have a strong tradition. This outcome certainly takes a village of people working in the right places at the right time and it definitely doesn’t happen overnight. It has been built on a strong foundation and we continue to build upon it year after year, which has taken previous investments from our community. Commitments that people made before so we could have the success that we have today. We can’t afford to take a step back now.

Let’s continue to make the commitment to support our district. Let’s keep our students busy, engaged and succeeding in athletics, arts and academics. Somebody did it for us, let’s do it for them too by voting yes.

Regardless of your opinion, make sure to vote on April 2 and in addition, contact our representatives to remind them that the funding formula is not working for Wisconsin schools.


Submitted by Meghan Smith

Supported by Mark and Patti Most



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